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Jocelyn C Chambers is a Composer-creative based in Los Angeles, CA. An Austin, TX native, she cultivated her passion for film from a young age. Profoundly moved by the emotional power of film music, she decisively chose it as her lifelong pursuit. A classically trained composer and pianist, Chambers' resonant work spans diverse genres. Her emotive neoclassical work is found in award-winning feature documentary Mama Gloria. Her joyful Southern blues is found in James Beard award-winning chef Michael Twitty’s Masterclass. Her soulful hip-hop is found in BET’s short documentary Team Dream, produced by Procter & Gamble and Queen Latifah's Queen Collective.


As a staff composer for critically acclaimed ad house Butter Music and Sound, Chambers excels in commercial versatility. Her compositions have made a significant impact, featured in prominent campaigns for Doritos x Super Bowl LVIII, Smirnoff’s Smash Tea Party, and best-selling video game Clash of Clans.


Beyond her musical endeavors, Chambers is a passionate advocate for representation and community-building. She curates Black LA Events List, showcasing Black events in Los Angeles on TikTok and Instagram. Her influential article “#ScoringSoWhite" in the Society of Composers and Lyricists' magazine The Score addresses film scoring’s unacceptable lack of diversity. She highlights by name many diverse composers to uplift and hire. In her book, "The Era of Mixed Feelings," she empowers young people to recognize their inherent value in society.


In addition to her impactful advocacy, Chambers runs her home bakery, Sweets by Jocelyn, specializing in gourmet pies. Across every pursuit, she demonstrates unwavering love and dedication to people. Chambers is committed to reforming the film industry, envisioning a future where creatives of color experience diversity as normalcy, not anomaly.


IMDB | Sweets by Jocelyn | Black LA Events List | The Era of Mixed Feelings

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