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Jocelyn C Chambers is a Composer-creative based in Los Angeles, CA. An Austin, TX native, Chambers’ love-affair with film began during childhood. She often found herself crying at the movies as early as 8 years old. When she realized it was film music that struck a chord with her, she instantly chose to pursue it as her career. A classically trained composer and pianist, Chambers’ resonant work spans multiple genres. Her emotive neoclassical work is found in the award-winning feature documentary Mama Gloria. Her bubbly jazz is found in James Beard award-winning chef Mashama Bailey’s Masterclass course. Most recently, her joyful Southern blues is found in James Beard award-winning chef and author Michael Twitty’s Masterclass course. In addition to her independent work, Chambers is a staff composer for critically-acclaimed ad music house Butter Music and Sound. Her commercial work ranges from fantasy orchestral to hyperpop anthems to video game-inspired 8-bit music. Her work has been featured in high-profile ads for Cotton and Clash of Clans. When not composing for the silver screen, Chambers has written classical commissions for harpist Yolanda Kondonassis, the Orange County Women’s Chorus, and Houston Grand Opera. When not composing, Chambers is running her home bakery Sweets by Jocelyn, where she specializes in gourmet pies. Yes, she bakes for all her clients. 


Chambers has adopted the title “Composer-creative” to encompass her many extra-musical endeavors. In the Society of Composers and Lyricists' quarterly publication "The Score," Chambers' article "#ScoringSoWhite" breaks down the unacceptable lack of representation in film scoring, and highlights many diverse composers to uplift and hire. In her book, The Era of Mixed Feelings, she encourages young people to see themselves as invaluable members of society. Through her online magazine, Majesty Mag, she uses photography to highlight the beauty of women of color. Through her podcast, The I Am Loved Podcast, she advocates self-healing and growth for those who have experienced heartbreak. In every pursuit, Chambers shows her love for people and her dedication to their representation. She is determined to reform the film industry until she and other creatives of color experience diversity as normalcy, and not abnormality. 


IMDB | Sweets by Jocelyn | The I Am Loved Podcast | The Era of Mixed Feelings

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